An Unknown Event in Copenhagen

Tuesday, May 10th

A couple of days ago the royal couple attended some kind of, to me still, unknown event somewhere in Copenhagen. Nothing is published in their official calendar nor do anyone know where they have been. A true mystery to me. Have you heard or seen anything? On the two pictures published, here and here, taken by private persons, it looks like the couple are on their way home because you get a glimpse of Amalienborg in the background. They are both dressed in plain white from top to toe, Mary in white dress and Frederik in his Navy uniform. Me and a friend talked about Frederik's uniform as a possibility to find out where they have been. So far we got nothing...

Update: This very unknown event taking place in Copenhagen is not that unknown anymore because the mystery is solved! In May, photographer Mario Testino, Vogue editor in chief Edwina McCann and fashion director Christine Cenetenera visited the royal couple in their home at Amalienborg in Copenhagen where photos were taken and an interview was made with Mary on among others sustainable fashion. Fashion director Christine Cenetenera shared a photo of herself, the couple and Testino on her Instagram (see above). So the unknown event was actually a photo shoot taking place. Crazy! -and by the way, Mary is wearing a creamy white coat by KITX by Kit Willow, here

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