The International Woman's Day Celebrated by KVINFO

Tuesday, March 8th

Crown Princess Mary attended KVINFOs celebration at VEGA in Copenhagen, as patron of The Women Deliver 2016 Conference. 

With the vision: equal opportunities regardless of gender is becoming a common and this issue, nationally and internationallyKVINFO is the center for knowledge- and development center for gender equality and diversity. They are gathering for research, knowledge and information about the modern gender debate both nationally and internationally. Read more about KVINFO here.

Women Deliver 2016 Conference
Women Deliver's conferences are the biggest in the world focusing on health, rights, and well-being of girls and women. In 2016, from May 16-19th, Denmark is the host for the Women Deliver 2016 conference which will be one of the largest conferences on among others maternal, reproductive health and rights for girls and women. With a focus on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals representatives from all over the world will de gathered in Denmark soon. Read more about the conference here

It was time for Mary once again to enter the stage and speak on behalf of the worlds women on the International Woman's Day celebrated by KVINFO. Along with 800 advocates for women, Mary was just one of many speakers at the event in Copenhagen yesterday evening. So many showed up to support the purpose amongst other things of equal rights between men and women, something that Mary for years has worked for and still does. As chairwoman of the Mary Foundation, member of High Level Task Force for ICPD and World Health Organization (WHO) and of course as patron of Women Deliver 2016 in Denmark, Mary is the perfect person to invite. As Crown Princess of Denmark committed to help, she has also visited countries all over the globe and met countless women, girls and families that gives her a certain knowledge that is essential in her work and to the organizations as well as foundations she is patron for. Her commitment makes her highly attractive worldwide. At the arrival the royal guest was welcomed by the traditional flower girl who seemed pleased to meet Mary. With a large smile on her face did Mary receive the bouquet and shortly after she was ready to take part in the opening of KVINFOs celebration show at VEGA in Copenhagen, which by the way is the first time for her to attend. Judging from her speech, which I will talk more about a little later, it's something she has been looking forward to for a long time to attend the celebrations of the International Woman's Day on March 8th. Mary was clearly impressed by the attendance, wondering if she also gets scared sometimes when she finds out 800 people are sitting in front of her and all pay attention to what she has to say? Well, who wouldn't? Before, I mentioned that she is the patron of the Women Deliver 2016 conference which will be held in Bella Center, Copenhagen, in May (which she by the way was selected to be) and I think that this is the perfect way to start the conference. No matter where I have found articles to write my post, they all mentioned and praises her speech at the show. Over and over again. In addition to her participation, the speech is crucial because with this she is able to speak out and let us know exactly why girls and women's rights are so important. With strong words and power in her voice, she made it clear to every 800 that she believes in girls and women and what they are capable of. I get the feeling she says: be proud of being a woman! "We have achieved much, but we must maintain constantly creating new progress - there is still some way to go." -Crown Princess Mary. And she is right, we have achieved so much when it comes to give girls and women the same opportunities as men but we can't give up now. As she says, there are still some way to go because women are still being treated differently despite we live in a world with constant development. Mary is not the only royal to work for better conditions for women, the same does Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway also attended a celebration of the International Woman's Day in Norway.

"Ligestilling handler ikke om, at mænd og kvinder skal være ens. Det handler om, at køn ikke må spille en rolle, når...
Opslået af Mary Fonden på 8. marts 2016

Like Mary, I could talk hours about this so before it gets too much, I think we should talk about fashion instead -well, also something I could talk a lot about. For sure the first thing I noticed, probably the same as you did, was the embellished blue jacket. Am I right? Of course I am, then you might also remember where it's from. You're right, Prada is the designer. What I know of, she wore this the last time back in 2008 when she attended the film premiere of "Australia". I see one more outfit in front of my eyes where she is wearing the embellished jacket but I can't remember where or when. Maybe you do. At first it looked like Mary was wearing faux leather trousers or maybe real leather trousers, but with some more photos they actually looks just like her embellished jacket. Now I wonder if there is a chance Prada designed matching trousers to the jacket? This could actually be a possibility because if you take a look at this links and I'm sure you see what I mean. One of you mentioned to me that her trousers looked so similar to the jacket but it was hard for me to see but now I clearly see the similarity. Great eyes of yours! Their slim fit makes her look taller also because of the dark colour. At the arrival she kept warm with a black scarf. I was troubled telling you which pair of shoes she was wearing because only a few pictures had been published. And still there are not many to find. Even though I managed to find one where you see her shoes and I was right about in my assumption, Mary was wearing her black Gianvito Rossi pumps. A classic pair of pumps suitable for almost every possible outfit. Who would have guessed the first time she wore a pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps, that we would get to see that designer that often? But I really don't mind because I adore his creations. The modern and fresh half updo reminded me so much of the one we saw on the fourth day in Qatar. Looks great and really easy to make. I'm glad to see some other everyday hairstyles than just the normal "Mary-blowout". I hope we will get more pictures of her appearance to see more of what she wore. Did I miss anything you noticed? Than please let me know. 

By the way, if the photographer of the photo I have found at Instagram is reading this I hope it's all right I share it on the blog but I just had to because I simply love Mary's facial expressions! Adorable!

Jacket: Prada Wool & Silk-Blend Embellished Jacket $225 (pre-owned)
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps DKK 2,345

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