Plant a Tree Campaign "Replant the Planet"

Monday, November 2nd
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Crown Princess Mary was present at the beginning of the Plant a Tree campaign "Replant the planet" (Genplant Planeten) at Naturcenter Herstedhøje in Albertslund.

As a part of the campaign Replant the Planet (Genplant Planeten) Mary arrived to the nature centre Herstedhøje in Albertslund at 12:00 pm. local time to participate in the opening event. Along with 120 local school kids, plenty of photographers and journalists Mary planted the first tree in the new forest which are given the name: Princess grove (Prinsesselunden). For several year Mary has been committed to participate in all kind of campaigns to help the environment, develop sustainable solutions and get people to understand that it is our common responsibility. We only have one world and we need to take care of it, one way or another. Over 15,000 school kids in Denmark participates in this project which aims to teach children how you can do something about some of the many climate change we faces. Most countries around the world are committed to finding lasting solutions and to implicate children in the project makes it more of a natural thing for them to take better care of our and their world such as the 'few' raw materials we have left. Many children are aware the problem but have no idea how they can help and why not make them a part of the solution? During the day everybody was allowed to plant their own tree and within the first week of November the 15,000 children will plant over 30,000 small new tree -oaks, beeches, birches. Closely followed by everybody participating Mary was in a great mood, ready to plant her own trees. Wearing green rubber boots on her feet and with a spade in her hand, she nicely and perfectly planted her tree as the first one to mark the opening of Replant the Planet on a cold November day. Digging holes on her own she helped a small group of kids to plant many more new trees. In general Mary and the kids worked really well together to ensure a future with lots of trees. I found a little video clip I think you should see. In the end it occurred to Mary and the children that they have become so absorbed in the work so the others had disappeared long ago and had taken a break from the hard work. Beside planting trees the children participate in several other activities in which Mary with great curiosity also attended.

Beside it was very funny and special to see Mary in rubber boots and with a spade in the hands were she always wears a expensive clutch or bouquet, one other thing was way more special. Because she brought with her a guest we have only see at more private events. Maybe you have already seen the pictures and know who I'm talking about. But actually she arrived with the sweet family dog: Ziggy. Of course it is not the first time we see Ziggy but as I mentioned she is often seen with the whole family at more private sessions, like the holiday on Gråsten castle. I'm sure she is a very beloved dog because we have seen the brown and white border collie at several official pictures and christmas cards, with both Prince Christian, Mary and the couple. Ziggy was a wedding gift from Dansk Kennel Klub to the couple when they got married in 2004. Ziggy was born in january 2005 and the couple got her in april. Well-behaved Ziggy followed Mary closely at work. 

November 2nd was a feather cold autumn day in Denmark and when your day is going with planting trees on a field you need the right gear which includes the right clothes. I'm sure you've already watched the little video above, some of you might not be understand what she say but I really just want to mention one phrase mentioning her footwear: "It was a great I chose to wear my rubber boots" and she laughed. Planting trees requires the right footwear and again similar to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Mary wore her Le Chameau in a dust olive green colour that perfectly matched the, to us, new quilted jacket from Barbour. This jacket was really not easy to find, first of all because I had never heard about the brand before. It was identified by my reader Kate and finally after two days searing everywhere to find it; I found it! The right model, colour etc. Everything matched with the one I found. I know from you guys that there have been some problems with one or two of the links I have given you -problems with the store who are selling the products and I only want to mention this because I have absolutely NO experience with the store where you find the jacket. I give you the link just to show you that I actually found the right model. If you have any experience with the site please let me. Thanks. By this I know if I need to remove the link or not. Keeping the rest of her body warm she wore a shark grey turtleneck sweater, tight jeans and greenish knitted socks. 

Jacket: Barbour Dunnan Quilted Jacket (olive) CAD$ 138.65
Boots: Le Chameau Vierzonord Wellington Boots £160

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