First Advent = First Christmas Eve Inspiration

A few weeks ago I mention that I would be doing something special in December. Several months ago I had this brilliant idea now when we all love Mary and her style so much I thought: why not give you the opportunity to get inspired what to wear on Christmas eve? Of course with Mary as an example. Therefor I have found four, one for each day of advent, very extraordinary outfits I think would be perfect for Christmas eve either on December 24th or 25th, dependent on where you live in the world. I have found four very different outfits so hopefully you find the outfit you just need to copy. At the same time I will share links where to buy similar clothes as well as how to copy her hair and makeup, to get the a look in the style of Mary! Let the countdown begin!

The first christmas outfit I have chosen is from when Mary was pregnant with the twins back in 2010. She and Frederik was on a visit in Germany and here they attended a reception and dinner at the stunning Schwerin Castle. I have always loved the combination of the basic black clothes and the sparkling golden (or maybe copper) accessories. She even matched the interior! The asymmetry of the dress makes it a little more exciting and take the classic little-black-dress to a whole new level. It catches the eye. I think the combo of the black and gold makes it the perfect christmas eve outfit; in the light of the christmas tree your accessories would shine like a star! I would probably have chosen not to wear the sheer tights, just bare legs but that is up to you -if you chose to dress up like this on christmas day. She was wearing pretty large chandelier earrings from Amrita Singh which is really great to draw attention to her face and beautiful evening makeup. Which was light and feminine. The sequin clutch made my heart dance. In my opinion, sequins are created to be worn at a magical evening as christmas. Her hair was a low chignon which can be made in so many different ways, depended on what you like. Mary's was very simple like her clothes. Keep it simple might be my next phrase because that is what this look is all about. Simplicity. A black basic is the perfect foundation to build your personal evening outfit. Now I give you two outfits, an expensive one and an more budget friendly one. The good thing about this outfit it that you have the opportunity to mix and match with your favourites.

Dress: Alice + Olivia Deedee Ruched One-Shoulder Sheath Dress £208.78
Earrings: Vince Camuto Stone Drama Chandelier Earrings $31.20
Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane Oversize Sphere Bead Bracelet £40
Ring: Melissa Joy Manning Handmade Joy Manning Ring £140.25
Clutch:Carlo Fellini Kim Clutch $67.45
Tights: Spanx Ribbed Sheer Tights, Black $32

Dress: ASOS TALL One Shoulder Midi Dress £20
Earrings: ASOS Occasion Drop Earrings £12
Bracelet: Blu Bijoux Gold Triple Chain Bracelet $32
Ring: H&M 3-Pack Rings £3.99
Clutch: La Regale Sequin Pouch Clutch $19.50
Tights: Calvin Klein Control Top Matte Sheer Tights $16
Shoes: Zara Pumps w. Heel, Black 30.93

A so called 'chignon' is to me one of the most classic and varying hairstyle because it can be used at everyday's and as in the evening. A chignon has many expressions depending on how you make it -straight or messy, high or low, side or mid, modern or feminine etc. If you know how to do this one hairstyle, it is the starting point for many other undos. Mary is a frequent user of this hairstyle at almost any occasion, day and night because it is so versatile. This hairstyle does also work very well if you are wearing any kind of hair accessories maybe in gold to match the rest of your Christmas eve outfit? I've found a really good video on Youtube that, hopefully, will help you to make the beautiful chignon. As everything else; practice, practice,practice. If this is the outfit you choose than you have four weeks to practice. You do not need anything special, just some elastics, bobby pins and a great portion of patience!


As the rest of the outfit, her makeup at the reception and dinner was extremely simple. Sometimes that it the best to do. The most important to remember with this look is having the flawless skin which is one of Mary's characteristics. Her porcelain skin. Søren Hedegaard, Mary's hairdresser and makeup expert, knows how to point out all her beauty and I'm sure you know exactly which features in your face you want to highlight. I have one rule when it comes to makeup: highlight eyes or lips. And that is the same Søren Hedegaard did with Mary's natural evening makeup. Do yourself a favor, use some time and efforts to find the foundation, mascara, eyeshadow etc. that suit you personality, skin colour, eye colour you name it. With this you can create anything you like! I do not need a video to tell you about her makeup. 

1/ Apply your foundation flowed by powder to get the flawless skin.
2/ Draw a soft line with a black eyeliner on the upper lid to the mid and one under the eye.
3/ Apply a soft pink lipgloss on your lips.
4/ Complete with a little pink blush on your cheeks. Done!

Be ready for next week where I post about a new Christmas outfit.
Good luck everybody!

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