Day 1: The Global Network of Women's Shelters' Conference

Wednesday, November 4th

Today Crown Princess Mary traveled to the Netherlands to attend the The Global Network of Women's Shelters' Conference accompanied by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. Crown Princess Mary stays in the Netherlands from November 4-5th. 

Program: In the Hague
  • 9:00 am. Crown Princess Mary and Queen Máxima arrived to the World Forum in the Hague.
Crown Princess Mary's program:
  • 9:00 am. Attended a panel discussion on economic independence for women.
  • 10:00 am. Participated in a workshop on effective social and economic reintegration for women.
  • 11:00 am. Watched the film Brave Miss World.
  • 1:30 pm. Attended a panel discussion on sustainable funding and defense of women.
What is the 3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters?
With the slogan 'connect and act to end violence against women' the Foundation of Women's Shelters in the Netherlands and its partners organized the 3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters as a request from GNWS or Global Network of Women's Shelters to combat violence against women worldwide. This is the third conference; the second was held in Washington, USA 2012 and the first in 2008 in Canada. Read more about their work right here

While Frederik is in Africa, Mary took off to the Netherlands, not that far from home as her husband she participated in the Global Network of Women's Shelters' Conference as chairman of the Mary Foundation, as a member of the International Panel ICPD's High Level Task Force and as patron of  the UN Population Fund and the Maternity Worldwide. Involved in all this Mary is the perfect to represent Denmark along with the several organizations at the conference. The Women's Shelters' Conference aims to create knowledge and share experiences across cultures and nationalities, all to find a solution how to stop violence against women in every country all over the world. Back in 2012 she attended the conference in Washington, the 2nd World Conference of Women's Shelters.

9:00 pm. local time Mary arrived to the World Forum in the Hague accompanied by Queen Máxima who welcomed Mary at the airport when she arrived to the Netherlands by plane earlier that morning. Just a week ago Queen Máxima and her husband Kind Wilhelm-Alexander visited China. The visit ended before it was planned because Máxima had a kidney infection that she was treated for back home. This week she also had to cancel some of her appointments. Despite the infection she chose to stand by Mary on Wednesday and as planned took part in the Women's Shelters' Conference. Both Mary and Queen Máxima have for several years been involved in work to combat violence against women - as Queen and Crown Princess, they two of them are ready to represent various world organizations. At the arrival both women were in a really good mood; smily and friendly as always! Am I just the only one or are you also always affected by Máxima's amazing smile? At the opening Máxima gave her speech and on November 5th Mary is keynote speaker. Around an hour later Mary was on her own again and attended several different activities and workshops related to the complex problems including empowerment of abused women, international cooperation in the field and opportunities to influence the international agenda. Afterwards she watch a part of the film Brave Miss World about the Israeli Linor Arbargil who in 1998, a few weeks before she became Miss World she was raped. Linor Arbargil told about her inner pain, how she handled the situation and how she have done everything to help other women who have been in the same situation as her. Mary did also took part in the discussion after Linor's lecture.

Later Mary visited the women shelter Rosa Manus where she met children and women; talked to women and played with the children. I really think it was an honor for the women on the shelter to meet Mary, the Crown Princess of Denmark.

As I have mentioned once or twice before the weather has changed in Denmark. The leaves fallen of the trees and the ones that are left have the most wonderful orange and red colours, it's colder and it rains. A typical autumn weather in Denmark, we are use to this kind of weather. Some days ago we saw Mary wearing rubber boots, a warm jacket and gloves, which are exactly what you need these days. The dress coat was completely else at her first day in the Netherlands. Bare legs and pastel coloured clothes! It was love a first sight when I saw yesterday's outfit, I'm obsessed with it so I had to try it myself. Maybe we need to go back and I tell you more about what she actually wore at the conference, not to forget beautiful Queen Máxima in her shark grey and orange look. Mary was wearing a pink 60s inspired A-line skirt featuring large pockets at front and a matching coat in the same bobble gum pink colour. I was so ready to identify these two new items and they had to be from the same designer. Me and two other searched all day to find out where her new clothes comes from, we found... nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, I found a millions models that had a similar colour or collar but non of them were the same as Mary's. At last I gave up. That's not something I usual do but yesterday I did. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I got a message on Facebook with the text of an identification and a link to where to find these two new things! At the same time I added a new brand to my list of Mary's clothes, namely Andiata. And yes, coat and skirt are from the same designer. I learned that no one could find the skirt but that is why you have me because within 2 seconds I found her skirt as well. You find both of them down below. Thank you so much Lurdes for making my day even better with your findings! With a black turtleneck, accessorized with a reused Prada (2012 collectionhandbag and SAND Copenhagen pumps, she completed what I would call a perfect outfit! Don't know if you noticed it but she was wearing her old Cartier watch featuring a black watchband and small diamonds. A natural brown and pink makeup gave her a feminine touch such as the round diamond earrings from Hartmann's

Coat: Andiata Ceri Double Breasted Coat €359-$409
Skirt: Andiata Lene 55 Skirt DKK 1,499
Bag: Prada Affiano Lux Tote Bag $221.70 (on sale)
Watch: Catier 
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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