The St. Loye Prize 2015

October, Friday 2nd

Crown Princess Mary presented the Goldsmith Guild Talent Cost St. Loye Prize in Rundetrån, Copenhagen. 1
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Around dinner time Mary arrived to Rundetårn, with one of the cities most wonderful views, to present this years Goldsmith Guild Talent Cost St. Loye Prize. Because of the beautiful weather in Copenhagen last night I'm sure it was a special experience for her to attend the presentation. When she arrived to Rundetårn she was welcomed by a flower girls who handed over a really pretty bouquet of flowers, CEO Jepser Vang Hansen and Alderman Diana Holstein. Half way in the old iconic tower, Mary experienced the exhibition The Jewellery City (Smykkernes By). Impressively she steered up through the tower wearing a pair of beige patent heeled shoes showing a really great mood, talking about her impression about the old historic building. Maybe I should tell you a little more about the location. Rundetårn is a 41.55 meter high tower located in the city centre of Copenhagen. The name come from the shape of the tower Rundetårn = Round Tower. From the top of the tower is a viewing platform where to look over the city. The tower in Copenhagen are specially known for its spiraling staircase that leads all the way up to the viewing platform. The tower was build by King Christian 4th of Denmark back in 1642. It took five years to build. King Christian 4th is known for all his buildings especially Rundetårn. Among others the tower have been used as university library and the viewing platform have been used as astronomical observatory. The spiraling staircase might have been practical to move both books to the library and astronomical equipment. This was a little history on the location were Mary last night handed over the St. Loye Prize and watched The Jewellery City exhibition.

The highlight of the evening's royal visit was the presentation of the St. Loye Prize winner on DKK 100,000 which was given to a special talented artist in goldsmith profession. This prize was given to Christina Bukkehave who is the designer behind BUKKEHAVE. To me her jewellery are very artistic, modern and with a twist the Scandinavian design. She plays with the different shapes and metals. Among others she uses pearls, diamonds and amber to give her jewellery a feminine touch. I think she is a talented and creative jewellery designer who deserve the acknowledgement. Some of Christina Bukkehave's designs were exhibited in Rundetårn.

I know I have said this before but Mary keeps surprising me with her clothes. Every time I think: now it does not get even better but it does! At yesterdays evening event Mary wore a brand new black A-line dress featuring some kind of golden jacquard detailing. This is a dress you either love or hate. I really adore her new dress with the high neck, long sleeves and pattern. What was your first thought when you saw her in this? There has been so many speculations on this dress. My reader Pernille suggested that her dress could be from Marisota, therefor I wrote a mail and asked them. I never got an respond to my question but now Kate actually found the exact same dress from Ganni. At the time I thought of Ganni but I didn't find it. The reason is because the dress is from the Pre-Spring 2016. Now we finally know the true identity of her new lurex dress. I still hope we will see more articles and of course some more pictures from the St. Loye Prize like we did in 2012 when Mary also handed over the prize. You remember her in the bright red Marc Jacobs dress? She was so lovely. I'd really like to see some more from the event also to see the earrings. I am pretty sure they are from Fiagros Bryllup like those you see below. After all I know that her bracelets and ring are from Marianne Dulong. Thanks to Heaven I now know she is wearing her Christian Louboutin pumps.

Dress: Ganni Schiffer Glitter Dress DKK 1,399
Earrings: Figaros Bryllup Smoke Quartz Earrings DKK 5,300
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet DKK 36.900
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Ellipse DKK 20,450
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100mm Leather Pumps in Beige


  1. Better photos:

    It's her Louboutins :)

    1. Thanks Heaven! I still think it's a little odd we only have so few photos of her... and thanks for the info about her shoes. Differently her Louboutin ;)

  2. Did you have a confirmation for the dress?

    1. Unfortunately not :/ Still I think the two dresses are very similar.

  3. Yes they are but I am not sure they are the same!

    1. Well, they might not be. I have no proves, it is still just guesswork