Project Reach Out with the Psychiatry Foundation

Thursday, May 27

Crown Princess Mary, patron of the Psychiatry Foundation (Psykiatrifonden), visited the Reach Out bus and attended teaching for a school class about mental health and well-being. It took place at the Ruds Vedby school, Ruds Vedby.

What does the Psychiatry Foundation work with and what is the Reach Out project?
The Psychiatry Foundation (Psykiatrifonden) was founded in 1996 by consultant and former present of the fund, Jes Gerlach and Jens Elbirk also former president. Since 2005, Crown Princess Mary has been the patron of the Foundation. Their mission is to create a society were less people get a mental illness and were more people get a better life after the period of illness. Read more here.

The vision with the project Reach Out, created by the Fund, is to inform and learn the teachers to strengthen the students mental health from 5th to 9th class. The students parents are also a part of the project. Read more about the project here. 1
* 1

When she arrived to Ruds Vedby school, hundreds of happy children waved and was thrilled to see Mary. Mary was handed over a red and white Danish flag, one just like all the children. According to Billed Bladet she expressed that the foundation is happy about the project and how it is able to help. When she attended the school lesson she was sitting among the students and as the students she showed great interest in learning about metal health. She also had a little chat with some the students.

At her day in Ruds Vedby she was dressed modern and simple with a white peplum blouse featuring a round Peter-Pan collar. Think we have seen it before? Well, it's still unidentified. The reused capri trousers is from the loved Hugo Boss. Last year on August 26th she visited the Mothers Help (Mødrehjælpen) at that day we saw her in the exact same trousers. When we talk about her trousers it's worth mentioning that the Spanish Queen Letizia has been seen in the same model. I suggested that her jacket might be Prada, that information came from Reines & Princesses. With a little more help and a good memory I can tell that the jacket is Prada and it was worn by her before. At that time I identified that jacket: at the Children's Relay last year, 2014. I'm still not sure about the wedges. They are told to be from L.K. Bennett but something seems wrong to me. Can't tell if it's the shape, heel or toe... I have linked to two different L.K. Bennett shoes and a pair from Bandolino (which I believe in).

Let me finish this post by asking you; Do you like this very simple outfit, her 'new' style? 

Jacket: Prada
Trousers: Hugo Boss Capri Pants
Shoes: L.K. Bennett Bayleen Suede Wedges 
L.K. Bennett Maddox Suede Wedges
Bandolino Transpose Wedges

Brothers for Life and Dialogue Against Violence

Wednesday, May 26

Unofficial did Crown Princess Mary attend a meeting as the patron of the Mary Foundation with the South African association Brothers for Life and Danish association Dialogue Against Violence (Dialog mod Vold).

What is Brothers for Life?
Brothers for Life is a campaign that focuses on men's health, the role of men in relation to gender-based violence in communities and men taking up HIV testing, consistent condom use and reduction of sexual partners. Read more about the project here.

What is Dialogue Against Violence?
Dialogue Against Violence was founded back in 2001 after the Danish government in 2000 made an plan which should focus on combating violence against women. Dialogue Against Violence is a part of the Askov Foundation. Read more about the association here.

I have expressed my thought about Mary and her important influence before, still I never get tired of saying it again. Personal and through the Mary Foundation, Mary is capable of helping both violated women, men and children. By working with Brothers for Life she reach a different target group, the men. They do need help such as the women and children, not the same kind of help but with thing which relate to them as the focus areas of Brothers for Life. With her title as Crown Princess she has chosen to help those who need to. I'm impressed by her work the foundation and as Crown Princess. Think of all that she has achieved?

At the meeting she was dressed in a royal blue peplum, seen on her before and never identified - could it be a Hugo Boss model?, and black trousers. As I see, her necklace is new with no clue where it's from.

I wish her and the associations the best of luck with their work and hope that they'll be able to help both men, women and children.

Congratulations Crown Prince Frederik!

I just had to share this wonderful and old picture of the Crown Prince Frederik. It was taken in 1970 when he was about two years old wondering around in Copenhagen looking at flowers, here a daisy, probably with his nanny. Isn't it a lovely photo?

On behave of Styleofmary I would like to wish Crown Prince Frederik happy birthday and the best of luck on his 47th birthday. Congratulations!

Birthday Party

Saturday, May 23

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the birthday party of Søren Hedegaard, he celebrated his 60 years birthday at Dragør. Søren Hedegaard has been the hairdresser and makeup artist for Mary since she became the Crown Princess of Denmark and is also a good friend of the couple.

Styleofmary wish Søren Hedegaard a happy birthday!

To get just one single picture from an unofficial engagement like this, make me aware of how stylish Mary is - all the time! Even outside the spotlight of the press Mary is dressed so fashionable. Gabriele has been able to identify the new black blouse as a Spring/Summer 2015 from Prada. Thanks for the help! She added black trousers and silver or gold metallic pumps to the outfit. Metallich sandals and pumps are one of the most trendy accessories right now. I love that a simple and black outfit can be such a fabulous look with just a pair of metallic heels. Think she's wearing some kind of gold necklace and a metallic clutch. Next to her we find Frederik wearing a classic suit with a button down shirt and a pair of black sunglasses. So chic !

Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession # 5

Sarah has chosen this photo to be her favourite recent family photo from a vacation in Verbiér. 

Once again it's time to get to know one more Crown Princess Mary fan! As always I'm thrilled to show you these posts because it means so much to me, to make my readers a part of this blog - without you there wouldn't be any Styleofmary. In this obsession post we hear from the great woman Sarah. I think it has been a few years since Sarah made contact to me and to me it has always been a pleasure to be in touch with her. Thanks to another reader, I got this idea of making your posts, we are so lucky to hear Sarah's story!

Actually Sarah didn't knew anything about the Danish royal family and followed Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She saw the style of our Crown Princess Mary and fell in love with it (just like all of us did). Sine Sarah realized how amazing Mary's style was, she started categorize it each and every year. Make her fell welcome. Styleofmary present to you Sarah's blogpost!

So Sarah, what made you initially to follow Crown Princess Mary?

"In 2011 I started following Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and came across a blog called 'Kate and Mary' which features both ladies." Next Sarah tells that she only knew very very little about the Royal family from Denmark: "I didn't know anything about the Danish Royal Family (in fact I didn't even know there was one!) but I liked what I saw of Mary's style and started follow both of them." I have to say it made me smile when I read this line of her not knowing Denmark have a royal family, well we in fact have one of the oldest monarchy in the world with a hundreds of years history. To you who have interest in history, Denmark have a pretty exciting one even though we are a small country.

Sarah's favourite evening dress worn at the BAMBI Award

Could you tell more about your CP Mary addiction/obsession? How did it all start?

" I soon discovered that Mary had married Frederik in 2004 and that there were more than 7 years of her outfits to look at! I think we all know the felling when we find a new blog or if you are completely new in the royal-blog-world; there are so much to look at and in the beginning it seems overwhelming! She goes on: "It was very interesting to see how her style developed and I started to keep pictures of her outfits (I have them in a Word-document, one for each year) and information on the designers of the clothes, accessories etc." Let me tell, you that her job with this document are really well organized with multiple sides of information. It is not common to see such dedication.

This beautiful hairdo is absolute loved by Sarah!

Please tell us why this collection of pictures and information about Crown Princess Mary clothes and accessories have became such an addiction (inspiration?) to you?

"I really love Mary's style! She's not afraid to experiment with colours and pattern (I don't like clothes with a log of plain colours) and reuses many of her outfits in different and interesting ways. I think she almost always looks appropriate for the occasion she's dressing for and can look good in anything from jeans to a fabulous evening gown."

" She's always well-groomed and accessorizes so well - I love her jewellery and shoes as much as her clothes! There is always something to look forward to when she has en engagement.  

Here's a funny question: Does you loved ones think you're a little crazy with all this royal stuff?

Quickly and short she answers: "My loved ones don't really know the extant of my obsession but they would probably think I'm crazy if they did!"

Here you have Sarah's favourite party dress from when Frederik turned 40, 2008

Sarah, have you planned what you'll do next with your Mary-obsession? 

" I shall just continue with my obsession as it is. I would never be able to afford any of the clothes she wears - and probably wouldn't be able to get them where I live - but I do get inspiration for my own outfits from what Mary wears and think she's a fantastic example of how to dress as you get older without looking too young or too old!" A statement I share. Mary really know how to dress appropriate in every stage of life. From normal woman to Princess, then from Princess to Crown Princess and last from being a mother and at the same time being the Crown Princess of Denmark. 

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did! Don't worry this is not the last obsession-post, I will have some really great once left. 

Day 3: Official Visit to Germany

Thursday, May 21

Program: Munich
  • 9:00 am. Grand opening of the business delegation in Munich
  • 10:00 am. Visiting the seminar Healthy Living
  • 12:00 pm. Participateing in the opening of the Fritz Hansen exhibition
  • 1:00 pm. Launch with all danish and german seminar participants
  • 3:00 pm. Visiting the Fraumhofer Institue
Program: Crown Prince Frederik
  • 10:40 am. Visiting the Tasty- and Stylish Living event in Freiheizhalle 1 1 1 1

Even though the lack of colours on this trip to Germany on Mary, I'm think it's great to see her in the reused white JOSEPH dress with what I'm sure is a beige rivets belt from Valentino. As yesterday Mary repeated the succes of making the apple pasta (?) in Munich. What I like about this outfit compared with the first time she wore the dress with the belt is the fact that her hair is in a updo. That really made me happy and even more because it's that beautiful. It shows her porcelain face. She wore the outfit back in 2014 at the FRS Award. Earrings is from Marianne Dulong with large freshwater pearls. The clutch could be her suede Hugo Boss, a little hard to tell. Let me know if you find the right one. Her pumps are from Christian Louboutin.

When parcipating in the opening of the Fritz Hansen exhibition, Mary got the change to sit in one of the famous 7' chear in almost every colour patchwork and here her white dress was so perfect. Both the chear and her matched. This was the final day in Germany and it differently ended with manner. Good looking in her JOSEPH dress and then some wonderful pictures of her getting a gentle kiss for her husband. We need more of these trips! Thanks for following the visit with me here on Styleofmary.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Dress: JOSEPH Lynne belted dress €494
Clutch: Hugo Boss Beige Suede Clutch Bag Soada?
Belt: Valentino Beige Rivets Belt?
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps 100mm in Nude

Day 2: Official Visit to Germany

Wednesday, May 20

Program: Hamburg
  • 9:50 am Visiting the Calsberg brewery Holsten Bryggeri
Program: Munich 
  • 1:00 pm. Welcomming at the Residenz Castle 
  • 1:45 pm. Lunch at the Antiquarium 
  • 3:10 pm. Attednding the conference about diabetes
  • 3:50 pm. Reopening of ECCO's Flagship Store
  • 4:30 pm. Attending the official opening of a new Georg Jensen Flagship Store
  • 7:30 pm. Dinner at the Residenz Castle with the business delegation
Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Munich

Well, here you get the final post with all the latest pictures and info about her entire outfit. I know I was a bit quick with the posting earlier today, it's just that I find it so interesting and exciting to follow the couple on a trip like this and to all of us who do not have the change to follow them live in Germany, I really want to give you the latest news right away! Wan't say that I'm disappointed about todays outfit but it would have been nice to see her add something, like other shoes or a colourful clutch, to her reused look. Most of the outfit she reused from visiting Canada in 2014. She was wearing a white silk Elise Gug blouse pleated black skirt from Danish designer Signe Bøgelund-Jensen. To make her waist stand out she chose, the same as first time, a black and white thin belt. She also wore white pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong. As in 2014 Mary added her python pumps from Christian Louboutin to make her look even better. The black clutch is from Carlend Copenhagen, the same as the pink one from yesterdays evening. These days the weather is unpredictable and changes from sunshine to black rain clouds, therefor she brought a white Prada coat with her and wore it when it started pouring rain down.

To me it was great to see them together all day. Often they split up and do events on own hand. Today this changed; they stayed together throughout the day. Makes me so happy. Yesterday, at the arrived to Hamburg, Mary received several large bouquets and had a little trouble handling all the flowers. Well, today she did not drop any of them but at the arrived to reopening of ECCO's Flagship Store she once again received a large bouquet of beautiful white flowers. I think the German people have been looking forward to them visiting they country. We have been looking forward to the trips as much as they have. Haven't we?

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Coat: Prada Wool-Blend White Coat with Collar
Blouse: Elise Gug Longsleeved Top in Silk
Skirt: Signe Bøgelund-Jensen Pleated Skirt in Black DKK 1,900
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple 100 mm Pyhton Pumps 
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa in Black DKK 8,500

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attending dinner at Residenz Castle

When the clock turned 7:30 pm. Frederik and Mary arrived to the attend dinner at the Residenz Castle. According to several articles, they were both in an excellent mood. I saw the first pictures from the dinner right before I went to bed last night and my excitement of her new jumpsuit (?!?) almost killed me. This is so unusual for Mary to chose first of all a jumpsuit, think we have only seen her in one once before at her friend Amber's 40 years birthday party years ago, and second the print is so 'not-the-normal-Mary-style' but as everything else she looks amazing. After all the excitement I couldn't sleep, I just had to find the designer of this little wonder and... I did! It's from the great Danish designer Ole Yde from his RTW Spring 2015 collection. Think that Ole Yde once again proved that he's his title as designer worthy. Can't hold my impresstion back. Sorry.

She made the look even more amazing with some great accessories. Her statement earrings is from the Danish jewellery brand Ole Lynggaard and have been seen before. With the good eyes of Pernille we now know that the bracelet she wore in the evening is from Georg Jensen's Spring/Summer 2015 collection designed by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe. Thanks! Maybe it was a gift from Georg Jensen when they participated in the reopening of a store earlier today? The bracelet is available in several different colours, I think Mary's could be in rose gold or pure gold. The light wavy hair gave her a femiine touch. Both clutch and belt were in black and had the stunning sparkeling effect. Have we seen the belt before? Kate made me aware of Mary's black patent pumps is from Gianvito Rossi. Thanks for the help.

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Gipsy Earrings in 18K Yellow Gold
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff 
Jumpsuit: Ole Yde White Jumpsuit with Print
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Black Patent Leather Pumps

A New Look for Styleofmary!

A few months ago I mentioned that some changes would come. That happened now! So welcome the new look of Styleofmary. Despite my lack of knowledge of technology I have for a long time wanted to make something new and good-looking about the theme. Be kind to me and the new look but I would really like to hear what you think. Try to move around the blog and see what works and absolutely not work, then let me know.  Try to make a comment, click on links etc. Your feedback is very important to me. And to you who think the style of the blog just changed again, you're right. I had to do that because my some of my things were gone; can't live with that. This is much more my style, the other one way way too complicated. Now I promise you there'll only be a few details fixed, so both you and me get use to the new design! Sorry to you I have confused the last two days.

Excited wishes from Styleofmary!

Day 1: Official Visit to Germany

Tuesday, May 19

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on a official visit to Germany form the 19th to the 21th of May. The couple are the head of a Danish business delegation with 75 participating companies.

Program: Hamburg 
  • 9:30 am. Official welcome at the town hall of Hamburg
  • 10:15 am. Attending the grand opening of 450 Danish and German business delegations
  • 11:00 am. Visiting the seminar Stylish Living 
  • 11:15 am. Visiting the seminar Tasty Living
  • 11:45 am. Visiting the seminar Sustainable Living
  • 12:25 pm. Visiting the seminar Healthy Living
  • 13:00 pm. Lunch with the participants of the seminars 
  • 4:00 pm. Opening of the exhibition Create with Aarhus
  • 7:30 pm. Dinner in Handelskammer Hamburg
Program: Crown Prince Frederik
  • 3:05 pm. Visiting the hospital Asklepios Klinikum in Barmbek
  • 4:00 pm. Visit at the conference Sustainable Living
  • 5:30 pm. Meeting about the Femern Bælt Brefing
Program: Crown Princess Mary
  • 3:00 pm. Participating in the opening of a Danish design exhibition
  • 3:45 pm. Visiting the supermarket Edeka in Rindermarkthalle 1 2 1 2

With a program as long as a novel, Frederik and Mary arrived to Germany in a great mood. They were welcomed by thousands of german fans, who got to see the Danish Crown Prince couple. Mary received several colourful bouquets. The visit focus on Danish Living, everything from design and fashion to health and cooking. Mary also got her chance to prepare food on the 23 th floor. To me, it's always a fun joy to see her cook like she did today. I admire her being to clam and casual when cooking with hundreds of eye on her. Most get stressed. It might be because she's use to the constantly attention from journalists and photographers. Who knows.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who have been looking forward to this visit. Right? First of all because I love seeing them together, it's like yin and yang - they need to be together. Second is of course to see what she'll be wearing and I am absolutely not disappointed! Even though it's the first day and it is not over yet. Today we go down and then up. On her feet she wore black patent leather SAND pumps that matched the black dress-pants. With the trip focusing on Danish Living, Mary chose to focus on her upper-part of the body wearing a white blouse and... a brand new white jacket with coral beadwork! Yah, right it's soooo pretty. With the help from Tesouras&Tiaras' blogger Lurdes (which reminds me to mention that she has an amazing blog you just need to visit, if you not already is a fan!) the white jacket has been identified as Tory Burch! It has the wonderful name Isabella just like her own little princess.

No outfit without accessories.

Mary chose to bring her lovely Carlend Copenhagen clutch with her to Germany, I'm sure will see it again on this trip. Then she wore a long golden necklace from Ole Lynggard. Her gold and silver ring are also from Ole Lynggaard. Then we only have the Marianne Dulong earrings left. They have been identified by Kate. Diana identified her new bracelet as Anni Lu. Thanks! 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Champignon in 18K Gold
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army €41 & Fun Bracelet White €40
Jacket: Tory Burch Isabella Jacket 
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Leaves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold 
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen AICHA DKK 8,500
Shoes: SAND

Attending dinner in the evening 

In the evening Frederik and Mary attended a dinner in Handelskammer Hamburg. As a Crown Princess you can't, of course, wear the same when attending a dinner so Mary changed outfit to a reused white fitted dress. The upper-part of the dress features pleated fabric. With some help from Kate, I can tell that she wore the dress last year at a dinner at Amalienborg. According to Royalista the white dress is custom-made by Danish designer David Andersen. As the first time, she wore golden Manolo Blahnik pumps. She added a pink Carlend Copenhagen clutch and a pink scarf from the same designer as the dress according to Billed Bladet. So chic! In her ear she wore a pair of earrings in the same pink colour which I first thought was new, in fact they are not. 2014 was the year when the Danish school system celebrated its 100 years birthday and a gala show was made. Mary attended this show and you've guessed it by now - then she wore the earrings which is identified as Annikat-earrings. I think they are so beautiful and makes a great match to the white dress and other accessories. Her gold ring is from Marianne Dulong and I know it's possible to custom design your own ring which Mary's is; one of the stones in her ring are red. 

Dress: David Andersen
Scarf: David Andersen
Earrings: Annikat Diamond Earrings
Ring: Marianne Dulong Stella Duo Ring
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa in Pink DKK 8,500
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik BB Point-Toe Metallic Pumps

11 Years of Marriage!

11 years ago on May the 14th 2004, Prince Frederik married the 32-year old Mary Elizabeth Donaldson from Australia after a meeting a few years before on the pub Slip Inn in Sydney. Well you all know the sweet story. The big wedding, followed by millions all over the world, was a sensation and most of us remember when Mary stepped out of the car wearing her unbelievable huge white wedding dress designed by Uffe Frank in collaboration with Mary and sawn by Birgit Hallstein. And then the old lace veil with the amazing history. In a new book, I have just received, I found out that they lace sitting on the skirt has been recycled from Queen Margrethe's wedding dress which was taken off after the wedding day just like on Mary's dress. You'll soon hear much more about my new book! Enough about the dress. I'm pretty sure it's not always easy to be the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark with four children but so far they made it work. To you who wan to experience the wedding once more, watch here

Styleofmary would like to wish the couple a wonderful day and happy 11th anniversary!

Advice for Life + Klubfidusen

Thursday, May 12

At 1:30 pm. local time, Crown Princess Mary as patron of The Mary Foundation, arrived to Aalborg to participate in the opening of Advice for Life (Råd til Livet).

What is Advice for Life all about?
The Mothers Help is an association that helps pregnant women and families with children in vulnerable situations. In situations were legal and financial advice are needed. As well as in the social field. They also work with projects that include helping young people and battered women. Read more about their work here


About two hours later, 3:30 pm. local time, she participated in an event in continuation to The Mary Foundation project Klubfidusen.

Klubfidusen, haven't we heard about that before?
In collaboration with the Mary Foundation, Save the Children (Red Barnet), DBU and TrygFonden's Klubfidusen has been developed. the purpose is to strengthen the community and prevent mobbning football clubs in Denmark. Find more about the project here. 1 1

First stop in Aalborg at the opening of Advice for Life at the Mother's Help and Mary stepped out of the car dressed in a black turtleneck as well as black trousers. Lately, I think she has worn much black...? Never mind, more interesting is the jacket and of course the amazing snakeskin Christian Louboutin pumps. The pumps is one pair of her shoes she's worn the most over the years, in any kind of combination with dresses, skirts and trousers. Any black outfit matched with these pumps is changed to the best! With the reused Heartmade jacket the look became much better. Last years trend was neon colours and with the thin ribbon on the jackets she captured the trend in a very royal way. Not too little - not too much. I almost forgot, she's also wearing her black Carlend Copenhagen clutch.

From June 17, 2010 

Jacket: Heartmade Boléro Jacket
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500.00
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple Python Pumps 100mm


Not even pouring rain stop Mary when she's on duty! A few hours later when she arrived to the football club AaB in Aalborg she had changed clothes which was understandable, because who can play football in heeled Louboutin shoes? No, right. In favor of a pair of blue/green New Balance sneakers and a navy blue Moncler jacket with knitted sleeves. When it started raining, pouring rain, she added a blue Nike jacket to the look. Both kids and Mary had a great time playing football, despite then bad weather. Before leaving, she received a gift to her son Christian which was his own football T-shirt with his name on.

Jacket: Moncler
Sneakers: New Balance 890 Sneakers in Blue & Green

Bridgewalking has arrived to Denmark

Sunday, May 10th

In 60 meters of hight, Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of the so called Bridgewalking on the old bridge Lillebælt between the two cities; Middelfart and Fredericia which was the same direction she walked to ingrate the new tourist attraction. Before going back to Copenhagen, she on her own drove a vintage car to Hotel Trinity to changed clothes before she went back to Copenhagen.

What is Bridgewalking?
In the city of Sydney it's possible to bridge walk and now the 'trend' has arrived to Denmark. On the ole Lillebælt's bridge between Middelfart and Fredericia. It has taken  four years to make the bridge ready for bridgewalking, to mention the trip is 60 meters above ground. Read more about the exciting walk here. 1

At the arrival to Middelfart she was in a really good mood, she took the time to say hallo to all the people who had come to see the princess inaugurate the new bridgewalk. Her smile makes me so happy and see all those people she makes smiles are even better!

Mary began the walk from Middelfart, crossed the old Lillebælt bridge after a speech done by the Mayer of the two cities - Steen Dahlstrøm and Jacob Bjerregaard, and ended up in Fredericia. She was welcomed by hundreds of people. Dressed in a white turtleneck, black pants and her checkered Massimo Dutti jacket she was perfectly dressed to a sunny and very windy day. To match the navy blue jacket she was wearing blue suede wedges, a reused pair. Think I have identified her wedges as Bandolino. Chris is sure that her wedges are from L.K. Bennett. As said it's a reused pair of shoes and at that time they were identified as L.K. Bennett. I have never been completely sure about that -  Take a look at let me know what you think. At the walk over the bridge, she changed to a dark suit with a safety belt to make sure she wasn't fallen anywhere, simple security and a pair of blue/green New Balance sneakers. On her way from Fredericia to Hotel Trinity she had the change to, on her own, drive a vintage car. What a sight! She was smiling all over her face and seem to have so much fun driven this old car all by herself.

Shoes: Bandolino Bandolino Transpose Wedges VS L.K. Bennett Maddox Wedges
Sneakers: New Balance 890 Sneakers in Blue & Green

Explore your senses in Ringsted

Friday, May 8

Crown Princess Mary participated in the inauguration of the sensory garden at Ringsted Women's Crisis Centre (Ringsted Krisecenter). The inauguration will be done by planting a tree to mark 100 years of women's suffrage.

Sensory Garden?
The idea started two years ago and came as a thought of bring the latest knowledge of sensory therapy and use it in the garden of Ringsted Women's Crisis Centre. The garden is now done and includes a play garden to the children and some spare time to the women in the Centre. Read more about the garden here.

The sensory garden was inaugurated with lots of fun and happy kids. Mary was playing around with the kids and all seems to have had a great day. Just as everyone else, she was in a really good mood.

The spring has for real arrived to Denmark, the flowers are blooming and all trees and bushes are soon green. Then we of course also change to pastel colours, short dresses and summer patterns. That's what Mary do as well. She was wearing a short beige jacket, seen at least three times before one of them was on a visit to Germany in 2010 when she was pregnant with the twins. At that time it was told it comes from Prada which I think is very likely. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the jacket, that's why I'm so lucky to have you. Chris has the same thoughts as I, the jacket is from Prada Fall Ready-To-Wear 2010. In the same colour she wore a comfortable blouse and a pair of black trousers. When the Queen, her mother-in-law, celebrated her 75 years birthday it's a tradition that family and friends wake her up with a birthday song the day. At that day Mary wore the same ankle boots as when she visited Ringsted. I identified them as Gianvito Rossi. Once again she wore the beautiful jewellery from Marianne Dulong.

Earrings + Bracelets: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leather Ankle Boots in Black €372

The World Congress in Copenhagen

Friday, May 8

As patron, Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the 14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) which took place in the Bella Centre, Copenhagen.

What is this association with the long name?
The EAPC was established back in 1988 by initiative of Professor Vittorio Ventafridda and the Floriani Foundation and 42 founding members. EAPC stands for European Association for Palliative Care. Their aim is to increase focus on promoting palliative care in Europe such as those who work and have interest in the field both scientific and clinical. Read more here

Everyones eyes were looking at Mary when she arrived to the Bella Centre in Copenhagen at the opening of the 14th World Congress of EAPC, wearing a shard grey Hugo Boss dress and chic snake Christian Louboutin pumps. As always, it was a friendly and smily Crown Princess who attended the opening with a interest in the work of EAPC. Mary is also patron for the association. With her creativity of matching clothes and accessories, she had chosen a dark purple suede clutch. I'm not sure we have seen it before..? Did any of you have a blouse of photo of it? With some help from the great Kate her new grey dress has been identified as Hugo Boss. I really like the texture of the dress, a classic Boss dress! Her eyes were as shiny and glowing as the black pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong. She's also the creator of the bracelet. Non of them are new.

When I first saw the dress, I started wondering if the belt was a part of it. Quickly, I changed my mind because it reminded me of a belt she wore with a black skirt the last time they were on a trip to Australia. Am I right? Personally, I have something with flowers. They are so beautiful and I love to be surrounded by flowers all year. That's why I always take a look at her gorgeous bouquets and this one from the opening was really amazing with the white lilies of the valley. They are toxic, but so beautiful!

Earrings + Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200
Dress: BOSS by Hugo Boss Dimoren Sheath Dress in Grey €464
Shoes: Chrisitan Louboutin Simple Pumps in Python

The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2015

Thursday, May 7

Crown Princess Mary participated in the presentation of her own Crown Princess Mary Scholarship. The presentation took place at the University of Copenhagen (Københavns Universitet). The scholarship were given to the two Australian born Morgan Leon Foulsham and Cameron Hunter.

So what is the Crown Princess Mary's Scholarship?
The scholarship was University of Copenhagen's wedding gift to the Crown Prince Couple and every year since are two scholarships, each DKK 10,000, given as a help to the students who study in Denmark. This year it's 10 years since the first was given away.

Not to advertise but the last few months I have become a big fan of Pinterest. Even though I'm not that good at it, I love all the inspiration it gives me. Lately, I noticed that shoes in bright (really bright) colours are a thing millions of women like to wear this spring. I even considered it myself and now I'm convinced! My idol, Mary, wore a pair of bordeaux pumps at the presentation. I'm pretty sure they are from the shoe designer Gianvito Rossi. Take a look and let me know if you think I'm completely wrong in my assumption. Mary made the trend her own! With one of the latest trend on her feet and a matching suede belt, Mary's outfit was really nice.

I think, somehow, her style changed a bit the last few years which is not bad but something changed. Maybe it's the way she mix and match colours and clothes. The same thing sort of happened after the birth of Princess Isabella. Through the pregnancy and shortly after, her style was very feminine. Then her hair grew and her style become a bit more modern and simple. Now we really see a match of all this. Do you see the same as I do? Which bring me to the rest of her outfit. In a dark grey colour she wore a blouse with some interesting details about the shoulder and neck. To you who think: this is new! then my answer will be: "No it's not". Its right that we haven't actually seen her wear it at an official event but several times throughout the years she has worn it - at a swimming event and at a dinner with Frederik and as one of you made me aware of; in an interview to the broadcast Inside the Royal House (Kongehuset Indefra) she wore the exact same blouse with the flower brooch on the shoulder. Her trousers I can't tell a thing about. White earrings and ring are both custom-made by Marianne Dulong.

Earrings + Ring: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Business Point-Toe Leather Pumps

Commemorating the Liberation of Denmark

Tuesday, May 5

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the commemoration to mark the 70 anniversary of Denmark's liberation after World War II. Earlier today, Crown Prince Frederik participated in a wreath laying in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

A little history:
On 9 April 1940 the Germans took over Denmark during World War II. The night between 4th and 5th May 1945 the Germans surrendered and after five years, Denmark were once again governed by Danes. On the 4th of May it's a tradition to light candles in the windows to mark the liberation. This year the liberations have 70 years of anniversary. 1

Dressed in black from head to toe with a little twist of a black and white Elise Gug floral dress. In my opinion dress did not make her over-dressed at all which is important on a day like this.

Hat: Susanne Juul
Dress: Elise Gug Floral Dress
Shoes: SAND

Both Frederik and Mary were moved at the commemoration and did not hide it a lot. Think about it, after 70 years people still get affected and moved, it's notable. We have to remember that our past makes our future. Somehow we all have relatives or living family member who have fought for something as the World War II. Some paid with their life...

... Let's keep a moment in silence

Congratulations with the Little New Princess!

All the best wishes to Prince William and her wife Kate Duchess of Cambridge with their little new Princess named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
! She was born on Mary 2 at 8:34 am at St. Mary's Hospital. Mother and daughter were doing well. After a few hours, her older brother Prince George was picked up by William to visit his mother and new sister in the hospital. It was a shy and overwhelmed little Prince George that arrived to the hospital. 

Around ten hours after the little Princess was born she saw the daylight for the first time to go home. Press and hundreds of people were gathered in front of St. Mary to welcome her. Like thousand others, my heart melted. She's already on every single magazines cover. 

Welcome to the life as a Princess