Skiing in Verbier

Since Prince Christian was just a little baby boy, Frederik and Mary have enjoyed a weeks vacation skiing in Verbier. Something they were also doing before Christian was born. Since then it has been a tradition for the couple and their children to meet the press during their holiday. The unusual thing is that last year the family was not going to Verbier (maybe because they spend all of December in Australia with the Crown Princess' family). Because of last years missing vacation I had completely forgot everything about it. Now I have been made aware that the family actually are on holiday right now. The Crown Prince, the Crown Princess and their four children, apparently along with Mary's sister Jane and her family such as a couple of friends. In my first post I shared some pictures from previous years, but now several pictures have been share of the family on the royal family's Facebook- and Instagram page taken by the Crown Princess. Even a rare selfie of Mary and her daughter Isabella. If you have already seen them, enjoy them one more time!

How to use: Blue

About a year ago I made a post called How to use: White and as the title alludes to, it was a gallery with pictures showing some inspiration on how to wear white in outfits. At that time my intention was to write similar posts with other colours about once a month. Thaaaat... didn't work out very well. So, now I think it is probably time for another colour-inspiration-post, don't you think? I have chosen the colour blue. First of all because blue comes in a million wonderful shades, second it is a beautiful colour, third it works really well with this season and forth Mary loves wearing blue right now. Personally I really love this it and to me it is an inspiration just to see the colour. I hope you will find this inspiring for your next blue coloured outfit!

"The Jewellery Box"

Tuesday, February 7th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the exhibition The Jewellery Box in Aarhus. 

On a rather cold Tuesday the Crown Princess arrived to Den Gamle By in Aarhus to attend, as guest of honor, the grand opening of The Jewllery Box exhibition. Over a 1,000 Danish pieces of jewellery from the 20th century are exhibited on the new permanent exhibition. With only a few exceptions, all the jewellery are made of silver. From what I see, it was with great interest and excitement that Mary was given a guided tour around the exhibition after the official opening. Everything from brooches, rings, necklaces and shoe buckles are exhibited, so there were much to look at during her visit. Wish I someday have the chance myself to take a closer look at the many stunning pieces! Mary was, as always, in a splendid mood during the opening.

To you who have the interest, then a photo of the Crown Princess and a few members of the Mary Foundation was posted on the foundation's Facebook page, here, with a caption mentioning words as strategy, mission, knowledge and challenges. 

Expect from bare legs (perhaps she was after all wearing a pair of sheer tights) this is the perfect outfit for what weather we have in Denmark right now. The following day a Siberian cold hit Denmark along with some snow. Not sure why but I have always adored her grey Prada suit and it makes me happy every time she wears it. Love how it emphasize her beautiful slim figure. I have never really thought how well grey and purple do together, till I saw Mary's outfit. She had accessorized the grey Prada suit with her purple Jane Taylor pill box hat, matching suede gloves and her purple Carlend Copenhagen clutch. I absolutely love how her outfit turned out. So classy and everyday chic at the same time! Embracing the style of a polished look, she wore diamond earrings from Hartmann's, her golden Cartier bracelet and that stunning silver brooch from Georg Jensen. Oh.. and of course we have her two diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. For sure you also noticed the new pumps, which I still believe are purple despite some of you tend to believe they are dark blue. But it is really hard to tell because of the different lights and shadows. Never mind. Jimmy Choo has been suggested. Let me hear what you think.

Hat: Jane Taylor Shell
Jacket: Prada
Skirt: Prada Wool A-line Skirt
Earrings: Hartmann's
Brooch: Georg Jensen Moonlight Brooch
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Croco 

It could be...
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Romy 100

Congratulations Mary!

"Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday you. Happy birthday dear Mary. Happy Birthday to you!"

You don't get to hear me sing very often, unless I'm in the shower or behind a computer screen enjoying this song that's now stuck inside your heads for the next couple of hours. But this time I wouldn't mind anyone heard me sing that birthday song (though it might not be a pleasant experience) because everyone's Crown Princess Mary celebrates her 45 years birthday today! Time for me to congratulate her! I wish her the most wonderful birthday along with family and friends and the best of luck with everything in her future. Think I'm right when I assume that this congratulation comes from all my readers, from all over the world. Mary you are very much admired and we all wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.